Cutlery Grinder, a Roadrunner Service company, was founded in the 1800’s and has since been passed down five generations.


In the mid 1800’s, the company delivered by horse and carriage in Europe.



Later, the business moved to the United States and started serving the NY/NJ Metropolitan area and has had the pleasure of maintaining service to many of those customers until today.



The 3rd generation grinding truck.



Today, the business thrives more than ever by proudly serving stores and restaurants in the NY/NJ Metro Area. Every knife provided to customers is sharpened to perfection by the hands of their expert grinder, Bob.  Their goal is to deliver the best quality to one kitchen at a time.  They are dedicated to serving your needs and maintaining a superb, lifelong business relationship.




The grinding truck today. (We’ve upgraded a bit)



We’ve got you covered.

Trust us to take care of everything from the start. We will supply the knives and replace them weekly with a freshly sharpened set. Did I mention we deliver right to your business’ door? That’s right.


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